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Benedict Advisors

Complex Matters. Tenacious Advocates. Strategic Solutions.

A boutique corporate law firm specializing 

in mergers and acquisitions, early stage

companies, and complex transactions

Global Partners provide comprehensive, supportive legal services

Benedict Advisors (BA) provides exceptional guidance tailored to the unique needs of each client. BA Partners from around the world specialize in service areas that support or go beyond corporate transactions.  

Benedict Advisors’ proficiencies span a wide range of legal disciplines, allowing the firm to expertly manage legal challenges at every business stage. BA is well suited to handle a diverse array of entrepreneurial ventures, from the startup phase to the growth and later stage where the focus shifts to more intricate aspects of corporate governance, possible exit transactions, and IPOs, ensuring compliance and strategic decision-making throughout the lifecycle of client businesses.

Most of our partners have over twenty years of experience, adding value to our legal services with specialized knowledge and experience in their respective fields. This deep expertise ensures that no matter the complexity of the legal issue, the Benedict Advisors approach is always comprehensive and customized to meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it is negotiating complex mergers and acquisitions or other transactions, overhauling contracts, advising on compliance programs, or managing multi-jurisdictional disputes, our team is equipped to provide decisive and effective legal counsel.

Our primary mission is to deliver strategic legal solutions that not only safeguard your interests but also actively meet or exceed your business objectives. The Benedict Advisors commitment to excellence is manifest in our meticulous attention to detail and the personalized care we provide to each client. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft proactive strategies that mitigate risk while maximizing business opportunities.

Each client’s needs are unique. Benedict Advisors is dedicated to understanding the nuances of each client’s industry and business model. This client-centric approach ensures that our legal advice is not only accurate but also highly relevant and actionable, providing you with a clear path to continued growth and success.


As the Managing Partner of Benedict Advisors, Tabber B. Benedict brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from over eleven years of experience working on some of the most complex transactions in the world, transactions valued at over $50 Billion in the aggregate.

Benedict Advisors stands as your dedicated legal partner, committed to achieving the highest standards of service, quality, and client satisfaction.

BA Advisors PLLC (D/B/A Benedict Advisors) and Benedict Advisors LLC provide legal and consulting advisory services.


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