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Tabber's professional journey began at top international law firms based in New York City. Working for top funds and Fortune 500 companies, Tabber developed a solid foundation of experience working on large, complex international transactions, domestic partnerships, joint ventures, and other private deals. Tabber also worked in-house at a Fortune 500 international insurance company, overseeing the company’s re-domestication and M&A transactions, among other areas, and working directly with the C-level executives and Board. Tabber has also worked with startups and early-stage companies, and private international companies with revenues under $50 million a year. This diverse background has equipped Tabber with a unique perspective on serving clients at all stages of development and getting deals done while mitigating risk, critical in today’s extremely fast paced, ever-evolving business landscape.

Tabber's involvement in high-profile mergers, acquisitions, and unique corporate transactions and partnerships places him many times at the center of deals that requires creativity, perseverance, and determination. He works and has worked alongside and learned from some of the most intelligent, creative, and passionate professionals in the industry. Tabber is driven not just by the scale of these transactions but the intricate complexities each deal presents. He thrives on unraveling complex structures and contracts and solving seemingly intractable problems that often arise. Tabber’s ability to navigate these challenges is not just about tenacity; it requires deep research, meticulous analysis, and a strategic mindset—skills that have become the cornerstone of his professional ethos.

Tabber has consistently demonstrated his ability to navigate high-stakes scenarios with strategic finesse and coordination. He has led large teams on large-scale, sophisticated transactions across dozens of industries and geographies. Tabber and his team have also played a crucial role in structuring and advising on securities offerings and private investment ventures, often involving intricate regulatory considerations.

Tabber brings a business, commercial perspective to legal advisory services. He has himself started up and built several successful businesses and understands the client perspective. As a result, Benedict Advisors not only strives to ensure compliance and mitigate risk but also drives forward the business agendas of clients, fostering robust growth and sustainable success with management consulting services. Tabber’s foresight and dedication have helped establish Benedict Advisors as a trusted advisor among startups, funds, and international corporations.

Through his leadership at Benedict Advisors, Tabber continues to influence the legal landscape, championing the integration of rigorous legal frameworks and integrity with strategic business planning. His commitment to excellence and client success has cemented the reputation of Benedict Advisors as a leader in legal services, dedicated to delivering high quality services for every client and on every deal, large and small.

Benedict Advisors stands as your dedicated legal partner, committed to achieving the highest standards of service, quality, and client satisfaction.

BA Advisors PLLC (D/B/A Benedict Advisors) and Benedict Advisors LLC provide legal and consulting advisory services.


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